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Upkeeping the strength of your foundation and repairing any structural issues is a key part of ensuring your home or business is functional and stable. If you start to notice damage to your foundation or building, it is vital to repair this as soon as you can.

For an underpinning service Coburg residents continue to trust, choose Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping. We are a foundation repair provider at the forefront of the industry, with a team of expert concreters and structural engineers on staff to make sure the results you receive look amazing and function perfectly. To discover how to recognise foundation instability, learn more about the process of underpinning and see how Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping is the number one choice, read on.

Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping, The Best Underpinning Contractors in Coburg

Underpinning, like restumping, is the act of adding support under and around the foundation slab to improve stability and prevent shifting or sinking. During the underpinning process, our team will assess the soil quality, foundation materials and other factors to find the best method to stabilise your foundation. Then, we will carefully excavate the space surrounding the foundation, taking care not to damage existing structures, then add concrete supports under the foundation.

Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping is dedicated to providing foundation repairs that leave your property more stable and clean than ever before. We are efficient, tidy and affordable, and want every customer’s experience to be first-class.

Common Signs Your Home Needs Underpinning in Coburg - How We Can Help

You may have learned the signs of structural issues with your foundation, but it is an important piece of knowledge. The sooner you can find a problem, the cheaper and quicker you will be able to resolve it. Some signs of foundation instability include:

  • Gaps appearing around window frames
  • Cracks on the inner and outer walls
  • Slanting, cracking or tilting floors
  • Windows and doors becoming difficult to open, close or lock

For an affordable, fast and premium underpinning result, Coburg residents should choose Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping. To arrange a consultation and receive a free quote, speak to our friendly staff today.

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