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Unit 6/74 Willandra Dr, Epping VIC 3076

If your foundation has begun to settle, sink or shift, you need professional help to correct this. Whether it is due to weather, erosion or just old age, stumps can rot and become unstable. Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping provides restumping to Heathcote Junction residents that is the best in the business. With many years of experience, there truly is no-one better for the job.

Specialist Team at Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping - Ensuring Stability and Reliability for Heathcote Junction Homes

Many buildings on a slanted plot of land will have wooden stumps supporting their foundation. During your consultation, our expert team will assess your home or business for any signs of damage. Throughout the restumping process, we will jack your home up on hydraulics for support while we replace the wooden stumps with concrete or steel ones, which will last longer and provide better support.

Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping always aims to provide a clean and fast service, and cause as little disruption as possible while restumping in Heathcote Junction. We promise to leave your home or business more tidy and stable than when we arrived!

Signs That Indicate Your Home Needs Restumping in Heathcote Junction and How Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping Can Help

If you notice any of the following, it could indicate an unstable or damaged foundation:

  • Cracks running up your walls, both interior and exterior
  • Gaps widening around window frames
  • Doors becoming difficult to open or close, even after repair attempts
  • Tilting or cracking floors

Repairing foundation damage quickly is essential, as delays can lead to further structural issues which can be very costly and time consuming to fix. If you want to feel confident in your buildings’ stability, contact Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping for a free consultation and quote.

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