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You likely know the early warning signs of a blocked drain, malfunctioning electronics and other common household issues. But do you know how to tell if your foundation is unstable or has structural issues? Read on to find out!

Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping provides underpinning services in Box Hill and surrounds that can correct common problems such as a settling or sinking foundation, and prevent serious damage to your structure.

Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping, The Best Underpinning Contractors in Box Hill

What is underpinning?

Underpinning is the act of placing supporting structures underneath and around the existing foundation to stabilise and strengthen it. This usually becomes necessary due to soil erosion from surrounding trees, extreme weather events or nearby construction.

The underpinning process:

We begin by carefully assessing the soil structure and foundation, making note of any issues. Our team of structural engineers then work together to customise a reinforcement strategy. This can be adding concrete pillars, extending the foundation onto nearby stable ground or adding compounds to the existing soil to add density.

Our professional team pride themselves on a quick turnaround, affordable pricing and comprehensive cleanup, leaving your property looking and functioning better than new.

Common Signs Your Home Needs Underpinning in Box Hill - How We Can Help

There are a few key ways you can detect foundation instability. Keep an eye out for:

  • Windows and doors becoming difficult to close, open or lock
  • Cracks forming on inner and outer walls
  • Cracking, slanting or tilting floors
  • Gaps appearing around window frames

If you do notice any of these issues beginning to occur, it is important to have them assessed and addressed as soon as possible. The quicker stability can be restored, the less damage will occur, and the quicker and easier it is to fix any existing problems.

For a fast, friendly and quality underpinning service, Box Hill residents should contact Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping. We offer free quotes to all customers, so call now.

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