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Restumping is the process of completely removing and replacing the existing foundations of your home to restore the structural integrity of the building. The process is also known as reblocking and is necessary because the stumps beneath your home can degrade over time, leading to a range of issues. Restumping will ensure the foundations of your house are level and that the new stumps are stronger and longer lasting than ever.

Restumping services generally involve removing floorboards from your home to get access to the old stumps. Our team will then position hydraulic jacks to support your home, dig out and remove the existing stumps, and install brand new foundations. Once the new foundations are positioned, everything can be put back in place. Restumping is often recommended as the first step in wider renovations or home extensions.

When Would a Property Need Restumping or Reblocking Services?

Just like with underpinning services, restumping is required when the foundations of your property have deteriorated. While underpinning focuses on strengthening the existing foundation, restumping services are required when the foundation needs to be completely replaced.

Foundation issues may occur due to shifting soil, poorly compacted site fill, soil erosion, changes in the slope of your block, and issues caused by large trees, inadequate foundation design, extension and renovation work, or disruption due to nearby construction or natural disasters.

Signs that you have foundation issues and might need restumping services include:

  • Cracks in internal walls
  • Large cracks in the external brickwork of your home
  • Windows and doors that don’t open or close properly
  • Difficulties with the flooring, such as bent, sloped, or uneven flooring
  • Water around the foundation of the home
  • And more

Different Types of Restumping

Partial restumping

Partial restumping involves replacing only a few stumps in your foundation. It is typically advised when most stumps are in good condition but a few stumps have deteriorated significantly. Underpinning may also be appropriate to reinforce existing foundation stumps.

Full restumping

Complete restumping is often necessary for older houses that are built on wooden stumps. If all your foundation stumps need replacing, our team can install durable steel or concrete stumps instead.

Concrete or steel restumping

Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping can utilise both steel and concrete restumping methods to support your home’s foundations. Steel house stumps are recommended because they will not rot or be affected by termites. Thanks to modern galvanization techniques, they are also unlikely to deteriorate from rust. Concrete stumps offer excellent stability, support, and strength, resulting in even weight distribution and reduced wear and tear over time. Talk to our team to determine the best method for your property.

Why Choose Us as Your House Restumping Company?

At Vic Metro Underpinning & Restumping, we will get to the root of your structural issues to determine the best and most cost-effective solution. Our engineers can complete foundation assessments and structural engineer assessments to ensure your property gets the foundation support it needs.

Our team consists of a group of highly experienced structural engineers and restumping professionals who perform restumping work quickly, effectively, and safely. From a free quote to obtaining permits to scheduling and completing the work on time and within budget, we will take care of everything for you. We will communicate with you from start to finish and ensure that your site is left clean, safe, and secure after the job is done.

Whether you’re looking to rebuild, renovate and extend, or simply protect your old home, our team will provide you with strong foundations. As well as restumping/reblocking, Vic Metro offers underpinning and other house levelling services across Melbourne, Ballarat, and Bendigo. From minor issues to full-blown structural damage, we can provide accurate information and the right services to repair your foundations.

For more information regarding costs, concrete and steel restumping, and other foundation support options, contact us today for a free quote.

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